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Born and raised in the cultural melting pot of Oakland California, Heavy Dudey’s musical influences span many genres. Coming from a predominantly jazz and bluegrass household, he was introduced to hip-hop by his neighbor and close friend Joseph Peters. Some of the first hip-hop artists he was exposed to were Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., The Fugees, Master P, Souls of Mischief, and Outkast among others. Hip-hop remained Heavy Dudey’s genre of choice, although through constant exposure to different music throughout the Bay Area funk and reggae also became genres among his favorites. He would frequently freestyle for fun with high school friends, but Heavy Dudey didn’t pick up a pen to write a song until he was 16 years old. At this point making quality music was an afterthought, mostly recording tracks as a joke. He didn’t get any studio time until moving to Berkeley in 2012 with three roommates, one of whom would be one of his primary producers Juhefner.


On the corner of Sixth & Gilman Street in Berkeley, the studio was rented by Fancy Footwork CEO Fairview Rossi. Rossi lived less than one block from Heavy Dudey, and being so frequent through the neighborhood, he quickly caught wind of the aspiring artist. With little hesitation he brought Heavy Dudey into the studio environment asking only that all work be taken 100% seriously. Since the day that conversation took place in early 2012, the two haven’t looked back.


Fairview Rossi and Heavy Dudey have collaborated with an array of underground artists releasing four projects. Call of Dudey (2012), The Dead Daze (2013), Wobble-Hop (2014), and The Space Out Project (2015). All of which are available for free download here on the website. Toward the end of 2015, Fancy Footwork Promotions brought you Heavy Dudey’s debut album, Dudey Calls. After moving out of Berkeley in 2014, studio time became a scarcity for the duo. Both Rossi and Dudey lacked a solid location to set up their studio equipment, and were forced to book time in local studios for their productions. Upon his relocation to San Leandro and the reconstruction of the studio, all the right variables are present to create great music. With a new creative space, a new project has been conjured. Fancy Footwork Promotions proudly presents, Gettin' It How I Can. A fluid, end-to-end project conveying his struggles juggling the pursuit of his music career with the inevitable truth that most artists work a 9-5. We look forward to sharing everything with you all,and you can expect much more content in the future. Guaranteed. With persistence, consistency, originality and determination Heavy Dudey will continue to grow and flourish in the hip-hop scene.

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